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Netflix dreams of a channel-free future, built on recommendations

The streaming video giant wants to eventually do away with the massive list of things to watch.

htcone 14

Prolific leaker Evleaks outs HTC One M8 Prime details in response to HTC PR jibes

Even bigger HTC flagship phone could have a waterproof, aluminum-silicon body.

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The first one's free: EA tries luring mobile gamers with free currency

Real Racing 3 could be a test bed for in-app purchase promotions on iOS.


Halo 5: Guardians announced, coming to Xbox One fall 2015

The Xbox One's first major new Halo game gets a subtitle and a timeframe.

foursquare swarm

Foursquare's Swarm becomes the new app for check-ins

Foursquare's existing app gives check-ins the boot as it prepares for an overhaul.

htc one mini 2

HTC's One Mini 2 is another smaller phone with lesser specs

HTC strips the cool camera features and more from the smaller version of its flagship phone.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk will apparently fund a Nikola Tesla museum

The CEO of Tesla Motors may have just pledged $8 million to help honor the company's namesake.


Motorola Alert lets people know when you're in trouble (or just at home)

The new app for Moto phones sends periodic location updates to selected contacts.


Square Order wants to be your new take-out app

Square's latest consumer-facing app lets you order ahead from local cafes and coffee shops.


Sprint may start throttling its biggest data users

The top 5 percent of data users will see slower speeds at congested cell sites, Sprint warns.


Nintendo plans new devices, apps, and Skylander-style NFC figurines to shake its Wii U funk

Ailing console maker has a few ideas for getting its profit back, but details are scarce for now.


EndlessTV is a cool way to watch free videos without ads

New app provides a continuous stream of videos, without the ads.


TuneIn grafts social and personal features onto plain old terrestrial radio

Users can now "follow" their favorite radio stations, programs and users.

Report: U.S. Internet providers allow 'permanent congestion' and want cash to clear it up

Congested connections aren't a net neutrality issue, but they're an argument for more competition.


Chadder: John McAfee slaps name on 'private' messaging app

New app promises secure messaging, but it isn't ready for primetime.