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Chromecast keeps adding apps, as Rdio, Vudu and Crackle join the party

The pieces are falling into place for Google's $35 streaming TV dongle.


Philips Hue getting cheaper bulbs and a portable light switch

$40 Hue Lux bulbs cut the color as competition looms.

Asus Padfone X

AT&T reveals Asus Padfone X specs, but no price or release date

The phone-tablet hybrid is getting closer to its U.S. debut.

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Samsung gets into smart lighting with Bluetooth bulbs

Bluetooth connection won't require any extra equipment, Samsung says.

Songza's new weather-based playlists will have you singing in the rain

Your ideal "dancing in the rain" soundtrack awaits.


Jerks on Xbox One now face warnings and penalties

Repeat offenders could find it harder to play online.

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Oculus Pissed? Here are 6 Facebook-free virtual reality alternatives

There's plenty of interest in VR from other companies, but no solid options yet.

Sony says 'thanks, but no thanks' to Android Wear

The electronics giant will stick with its own Android-based platform instead.


Spotify adds $5 student plan, but note the fine print

Half-price offer requires yearly enrollment for as long as you're in college.


Photowall for Chromecast aims to liven up your next party

New app turns televisions into interactive photo galleries.


Feeling lucky? Tell Google to 'Play some music'

New Google Search voice command caters to the indecisive.

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Prototype Pocket SDK wants to move Android Wear beyond mere notifications

SDK will let users save interesting articles straight from their smartwatches.


Here's how to try Android Wear's interface on your phone today (sort of)

It's not pretty, but it gives a sense of what Google's smartwatch software is all about.

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Pandora prices inch upward for ad-free version

New subscribers will pay $1 more per month, and cheaper annual subscriptions are going away.


Google Play offers a replacement Nexus device charger

$15 USB charger works with Nexus phones and tablets, and probably many other Android devices.

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