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Prototype Pocket SDK wants to move Android Wear beyond mere notifications

SDK will let users save interesting articles straight from their smartwatches.


Here's how to try Android Wear's interface on your phone today (sort of)

It's not pretty, but it gives a sense of what Google's smartwatch software is all about.

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Pandora prices inch upward for ad-free version

New subscribers will pay $1 more per month, and cheaper annual subscriptions are going away.


Google Play offers a replacement Nexus device charger

$15 USB charger works with Nexus phones and tablets, and probably many other Android devices.

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Google and Viacom settle YouTube suit long after it stopped mattering

The search giant and the media titan totally get along now.


Google Play Games gets gifts, iOS-Android multiplayer

Google looks beyond Android to make its gaming services more popular.

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veronica mars crop

Warner Bros offers refunds for Veronica Mars Kickstarter backers that hate Ultraviolet

Instead of using Ultraviolet, backers can buy though iTunes or Amazon and get a full rebate.

Xbox One controller

Xbox 360 subsidy plan dies, Xbox One controller support still PC-bound

Selling consoles like smartphones was a failed experiment.

samsung gs5 accessories

Samsung smartphone add-ons help the blind 'see' the world

Ultrasonic cover and document-scanning stand help users navigate the physical world.

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Amazon Prime price jumps to $99 per year

Higher fuel and transportation costs to blame, says Amazon.


Rdio dumping music recommendation engine after Spotify buys Echo Nest

Streaming radio will rely on other recommendation sources instead.

GamePop, like Ouya, backs away from standalone game consoles

Subscription-based microconsole will try offering its services to cable companies.

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AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are waging price war, but where's Sprint?

Sprint chairman promises to join in if the company can gobble up T-Mobile.

comcast netflix

Comcast gets faster Netflix, offers House of Cards without Netflix

The direct connection deal between the streaming video service and the nation's largest Internet provider already produced a slight bump in average speeds.


Neil Young's Pono hi-fi music player revealed: $400 for 128 GB, no DRM

Kickstarter pre-orders will get a discount starting March 12.