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Cord-cutter Confidential turns one: What a crazy year it's been

From surprising new streaming services to exciting new hardware, life without pay TV just keeps getting better.


Podcast support is headed to Google Play Music

Google’s secret podcast weapon: Smart suggestions based on mood and other factors.


Asus OnHub router controls Wi-Fi speed with a wave

Google’s second router partnership isn’t much different than its first.


Time Warner Cable’s rumored streaming service includes a free Roku 3

Time Warner Cable may embrace cord cutters with $10 per month streaming service

amazon echo

Amazon Echo’s latest trick: Telling you where to eat via Yelp

Amazon Echo's newest feature: Telling you where to eat via Yelp


ESPN YouTube videos die so that YouTube Red may live

ESPN pulls videos from YouTube ahead of paid subscription service.


Sling TV: Don’t expect broadcast channels anytime soon

ABC, CBS, and other broadcast channels could join Sling’s bundle eventually, but they’re a nightmare to negotiate.


Here's what YouTube Red's $10 per month subscription gets you (hint: a lot)

YouTube Red's asking price could be worth it for the music alone.


NBC SeeSo and the beginning of the end for traditional TV channels

At $4 per month with no commercials, NBC's streaming comedy service is a glimpse at the future of TV.


NBC and CBS All Access arrive on Apple TV (yes, the old one)

Apple’s nearly-outdated set-top box won’t be getting the App Store, but it’s still getting new apps.


Plex overhauls its home theater PC software with new Plex Media Player

Plex reboots its desktop software with 4K support, mouse controls, and a much slicker interface.


Chromecast (2015) review: A superfluous upgrade to a high-caliber product

One of Google's best devices gets modest improvements, and that's okay.

Xbox One

Cord cutters will be disappointed with the New Xbox Experience

The New Xbox Experience has interesting ideas for video viewing, but doesn’t get the basics right.

onhub sleeve off

Google's OnHub turns out to be part router, part Chromium OS computer

Rooting the high-tech router reveals a heavily-modified version of Google’s browser-based operating system.


Sony starts selling a TV remote with PlayStation controls built-in

The Universal Media Remote can control cable boxes, audio receivers, and TVs, along with Sony’s game console.