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Latest Apple TV beta brings Siri support to Apple Music

Apple Music could get Siri support on Apple TV sooner than later.

Vizio smart TVs track what you watch, sell the behavior data

Vizio smart TVs have a creepy privacy policy, but it’s not much worse than the status quo.

Comcast data caps aren’t about congestion, leaked memo shows

Comcast really doesn’t want its support reps using the term “data cap.”

PlayStation Vue

ESPN, ABC, Disney channels head to Sony's Playstation Vue cable alternative

Sony is filling some of the biggest holes in its streaming-video service, but the entertainment conglomerate hasn't said if its subscribers will have to pay extra for the new content.

cable box generic 5190062

The hated cable box is finally coming to the end of the road

Cable companies are finally realizing that expensive hardware is holding them back.

jon stewart32

HBO signs on Jon Stewart for short streaming videos

HBO is breaking out of long-form video in a deal with Jon Stewart.


Sling TV comes to Chromecast, bearing gifts

Sling TV heads to Chromecast with your choice of free hardware or a two-month free trial.


Plex gets an Apple TV app for streaming your media library

Plex arrives on Apple TV now that there's a proper App Store.

New Stark Trek series

Star Trek is getting a new TV series, but for streaming only

The first new 'Star Trek' TV series in more than a decade will require a $6-per-month CBS All Access subscription.


Chromecast mirroring explained: How to beam your phone or PC screen to the TV

How to mirror a phone or laptop screen to Chromecast when native apps aren't an option.

Fan TV gives up on reimagining the cable box

As parent company Rovi ends its programming partnership with Time Warner Cable, it also ends Fan TV's quest to reimagine the cable box. Buyers of the $150 Fan TV set-top box will get a Nexus Player as consolation.

Amaozn Fire TV

Fire TV devices start showing ads that let you buy physical goods from Amazon

Banner ads for candy, fitness trackers, and children’s toys land on top of the Fire TV home screen.


HBO Go gets an Android TV app, but not for Comcast subscribers

Android TV users can now watch the latest HBO shows with a cable subscription, unless that subscription comes from Comcast.

cablecordcut 100155124 orig 100527618 large

Cord-cutter Confidential turns one: What a crazy year it's been

From surprising new streaming services to exciting new hardware, life without pay TV just keeps getting better.


Podcast support is headed to Google Play Music

Google’s secret podcast weapon: Smart suggestions based on mood and other factors.