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reaction to repetitive ads on streaming channels

Ad nauseam: Inside streaming video’s repetitive ad problem

Why do Hulu and other streaming video services show the same ads over and over?


DirecTV sets up the first UltraHD TV channel in the United States, starting with the Masters golf tournament

DirecTV goes 4K on a single channel, as the era of live UltraHD broadcasts begins with a whimper.

cablecordcut 100155124 orig 100527618 large

ESPN and CBS have more plans to reach cord cutters

ESPN and CBS hint at more standalone streaming options to come.


Skype is abandoning its smart TV apps

Microsoft discontinues Skype for TV because hardly anyone used it.

Xbox One controller

Microsoft will soon explain how Universal Xbox apps work

With Xbox One, Microsoft's Universal apps are about to expand beyond Windows in a major way.

spotify logo

Facebook Messenger platform push continues with Spotify integration

Sending Spotify songs to Facebook Messenger friends will soon be just a few taps away.

nest thermostat auto away

Nest throws its support behind Amazon Echo and reportedly won’t try to compete

Amazon and Nest make nice: Echo and Fire TV users will soon get to set thermostat temperature by voice.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue streaming TV gets $10 cheaper as ESPN and Disney channels arrive

Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming service gets Disney/ESPN channels and a price drop, but has a tough road ahead.


Echo Dot and Amazon Tap bring Alexa's voice smarts to cheaper hardware

With Amazon Tap and Echo Dot, Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant hits the road and hooks up with external speakers.

cord cutting

Cord cutting: Bona fide movement, or simple hype?

A Netflix exec knocks cord cutting as “great rhetoric to sell ads and generate readership.” Is he right?


Sling TV’s newest channels aren’t on cable

With Newsy and Flama, Sling TV continues to dip its toes into Internet video.


Spotify’s new Fresh Finds feature tells you what the cool kids are listening to

Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlists dig through music blogs so you don’t have to.

Cord cutting

FCC digs into how restrictive cable contracts are preventing streaming TV options

The FCC looks into the cable contracts that prevent TV channels from streaming online.


Brita’s Wi-Fi water pitcher orders fresh filters on its own

The Brita Infinity water pitcher auto-buys new filters with help from Amazon.


Amazon experiments with ad-supported TV (even for Prime members)

With 'The Fashion Fund,' Amazon departs from ad-free video whether you have Prime or not.