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Android TV gets proof-of-concept hack, but don’t panic

Proof-of-concept Android TV hack shows the risks--still mostly theoretical--of smart TVs.

Cord cutting

The moocher’s guide to cutting the cord, 2015 edition

How to ditch cable TV: Freeload off a friend or family member.


CBS All Access streaming heads to Amazon Fire TV

With Amazon Fire TV support, CBS All Access now works with all the major streaming boxes.

lost in space

Never fear, Smith is here! Netflix is bringing back Lost in Space

Netflix turns to 1960s television for its next original with Lost in Space reboot.

Major League Baseball

In-market baseball streaming starts next year, but not through MLB.TV

Major League Baseball lifts a barrier to streaming live in-market games.


Revealed: Google's master plan to give cord cutters reasons to give a hoot about Android TV

The Android TV team talks to Cord-cutter Confidential about what needs fixing, and what comes next.


AVG’s Chime mesh-network router comes with a side of anti-virus

AVG's Chime mesh-network router promises to also mask your internet activity.


LG brings Google Play Movies & TV to its Smart TV range

With LG smart TV support, Google's video store slowly expands beyond Chromecast and Android TV.


NBC’s streaming comedy service SeeSo is getting a free beta next month

NBC's streaming service for classic comedy and original series gets a free beta next month.

211653 slide10 zune original

Microsoft turns off the lights on Zune services

From today onward, Microsoft never has to mention Zune again.


Apple HomeKit gets its first smart smoke detector

First Alert’s Onelink is the first HomeKit smoke detector.

razer forgetv

Razer’s Android TV box ceases sales after just six months

Razer Forge TV sales seem to have ceased after just six months.


Comcast’s streaming TV service for cord cutters goes live in the Boston area

Comcast's new streaming service: $15 per month for HBO and broadcast channels

Xbox One

Interview: The future of TV on Microsoft's Xbox One

The Xbox One’s new interface is a bit rough for video viewing. Here's how Microsoft plans to make it better.

Bluetooth’s 2016 roadmap: Whole-home coverage, mesh networking, and faster speeds

Bluetooth is getting more serious about smart homes with whole-home coverage and mesh networking.