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Multiplayer Gaming Goes Fullscreen with LG's 3D Dual Play Glasses

Normally in multiplayer games the screen is split, but with LG's Dual Play glasses and a 3DTV, each gamer can view a full screen.

E3 Hands-On: Sony's PlayStation 3D Display

In two-player games, Sony's PlayStation-branded 24-inch display shows different images to each player. The entire bundle, which includes the 3D TV, glasses, and a game, goes on sale this fall for $500.

E3: Sony Introduces Low-Cost 3D TV Bundle

Sony plans to sell a $500 package that includes a PlayStation-branded 24-inch 3D television set, a pair of glasses, and a PS3 game. The TV will also let head-to-head gamers view different full-screen video while playing games.

Sharp Makes The World's Highest Resolution LCD HDTV

The 85-inch screen, developed by Sharp, uses Super Hi-Vision, a next-generation broadcasting technology that packs 16 times the resolution of today's high-definition TV.

Clean-up Still Going on at Sony's Blu-Ray Factory Badly Damaged By Tsunami

Sony's facility for producing Blu-Ray discs and HD-camcorder tapes is located one mile from the ocean and suffered greatly during the recent earthquake and tsunami. Sony is just starting to pull the pieces together there.

A Plea for Help From Japan

Akibatteru is IDG News Services' monthly look at the world of Japanese geek, otaku, and manga. Here is the first monthly Akibatteru video made after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Sony To Launch 17- and 25-inch OLED Monitors

Sony will soon launch a pair of professional monitors that contain the largest commercial OLED screens yet produced.