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Android in the final frontier: How NASA is using Google’s Project Tango up in space

We talk to NASA's Chris Provencher about how his team is using Google's 3D-mapping smartphone to help astronauts up in space.

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Report: Google and Samsung are at odds over smartwatches

Apparently they're still squabbling over business, like the fact that Samsung is prioritizing its Tizen smartwatches over those running Android Wear.


OnePlus One review: You're in control with this ultra-affordable phone

There's plenty to like about this powerful phone that comes free of carrier restrictions and offers a whole host of customizable options.

lggwatch teardown

Samsung and LG’s Android Wear watches are extremely easy to take apart

But watch that screen: it’s the most expensive component on either device.


Android Influencer: AirDroid CEO Anson Xiong

We chat with the man behind the most essential Android app in the Google Play store.

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androidl messages

Google talks about the Android L design and all the work that goes into making it great

The team behind the next version of Google's mobile OS couldn't stop talking about all the changes coming soon to a device near you.

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facebook home

Report: The team behind Facebook Home is no more

It sounds like the Android launcher is done for.

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Android Influencer: Swiftkey evangelist Joe Braidwood

He's the Chief Marketing Officer for SwiftKey, an app you may use on your phone every day. He's also a longtime fan of smartphones.

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Hands on with Android Auto, the mind-melding of phone to car

Plug in smartphone. Use compatible apps via touchscreen or voice command. We try this easier, safer future for cars and devices behind the wheel of a 2014 Honda Civic equipped with Android Auto.

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Hands-on with the Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live

It's basically just a slimmed down version of Android for your wrist.

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Google quietly announces a spec bump to Glass

The wearable device will now come equipped with 2GB of RAM.

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Report: Google Play Games to add quest and level-up notifications, 'snapshots'

Android Police writes that the company will soon introduce "questing" abilities to the mobile games portal, among other features.

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aviate primary

Yahoo lifts the beta tag off Aviate, its smart Android launcher app

If you've been waiting to try it yourself, the app is no longer invite only.

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British invasion: Google Glass debuts in the U.K.

Brits, brace yourself to start hearing “OK Glass” wherever you go.

googleio 2014

Google I/O 2014: What to expect as Google increases its focus on 'connected' tech

An increased emphasis on wearables, the living room, and even cars will likely define the keynote of Google's annual developer conference.

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