Elizabeth FishContributor, PCWorld

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

iOS 5 Beta 3 Jailbroken Already, Hack Available For Download

A jailbreak for the as-yet-unreleased iOS 5.0 Beta 3 is here--if you have a Windows PC, that is.

Hack Plays Theremin Music the Infrared Way

A hack of an old instrument adds an infrared sensor that lets you play musical notes with the wave of a hand.

World's Biggest Image Sensor Is Much Too Big for Your Camera

It may not cure cancer, but this gigantic CMOS chip can help better detect cancer in its earliest stages.

DSLR and iPhone Merge With DIY Stand

A simple little mod allows photography iPhone apps to become even more useful.

Inside the Mind of a Lego Photographer

Love Lego? Toy photographer Mike Stimpson talks to GeekTech about his own Lego art and passion.