Elizabeth FishContributor, TechHive

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

CRT magnet art looks eerie; don't try it on your home TV

Where you one of those kids who liked to wave a magnet against your old CRT display to watch the rainbow of colors bending to your will? You certainly weren’t the only one, and a German artist is encapsulating that memory on a grander scale.

Here's what it looks like when meteors collide with Saturn's rings

We're pretty accustomed to seeing shooting stars and meteorites here on Earth. But what do typical meteorite collisions look like on other planets? NASA recently released photos taken by the Cassini spacecraft between 2009 and 2012 that show meteorites colliding with the planet's ring system.

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 gave Jupiter a gift, left water in its atmosphere

Astronomers now know why there’s so much water within a higher layer of Jupiter’s atmosphere, and it’s thanks to a visitor 19 years ago

ProScope Micro Mobile turns your iOS device into a microscope

Bodelin has a tool that not only turns your iOS gadget into a microscope of sorts, but also lets you take photos of your finds.

Research suggests you’ll still empathize with robots when they take over

If you’ve ever felt some kind of emotion towards a robot, it’s possibly because your brain treats them similarly to how it treats humans.

Have you ever seen Pong played on a skyscraper? Now you have

If you cast your minds back, you may remember a project at MIT that transformed a typical campus building into a big game of Tetris. But it looks like Drexel University has its own classic game project to challenge MITris, only this one is much bigger.

Relive your childhood with this Lego Technic Spirograph machine

Can you Spirograph? If not, get the motorized Lego Technic machine to do it for you.

Space enthusiasts might have found a lost Soviet lander on Mars

In1971, the Soviet lander Mars 3 landed on the red planet, but only managed to transmit data for a few seconds before losing contact with Earth. But a group of space enthusiasts may have found it.

Sadly, this TARDIS fridge is not larger on the inside than it is on the outside

Be the envy of everyone you know with your own realistic-looking TARDIS, otherwise known as your fridge.

AT-AT walker frame disguise helps post-op child (and other stuff you missed)

If your child needed surgery on their legs, but had a problem with the post-op walker, what would you do? An artist has an excellent idea involving Star Wars

This Nao Robot can spell out any word, could get all A's in spelling

If spelling isn’t your strong suit, be wary of this robot that can write out any word.

NASA's new TESS satellite will help in the hunt for a second Earth

NASA takes its hunt for habitable planets up a notch by commissioning a new exoplanet-hunting satellite to launch in 2017.

This stop-motion Tetris game is made out of chalk and canvas

If you think normal Tetris is hard, try working with stop motion chalk blocks!

You won't need a helmet for this tiny Lego bike (and other stuff you missed)

If you’re not allowed to keep Lego any more because you have to act like a typical grown up and stuff (pffh), I’ve just found the perfect excuse to grab yourself a few bricks—to build a Lego bicycle!

LED matrix helps visualize the favorite colors of Twitter users

This LED matrix uses the Twitter API to analyze tweets and figure out people's favorite colors.