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This Instagram Camera Must Become A Reality

So this Instagram camera and internal printer may not exist yet, but we sure wish it did!

3D-Print This Cool Tilt Shift Camera Lens Adapter

Need a new lens for a project but short on cash? Let the power of 3D printing help you create your own!

iOS 5.1.1 Released; Redsn0w Protects Your Jailbreak

Worried iOS 5.1.1 would ruin your jailbroken iOS gadget? Fear not, because the current Redsn0w tool has it covered.

FireCore Improves aTV Flash for iOS 5, Still No Apple TV 3 Version

The Apple TV jailbreak gets a whole list of improvements following its iOS 5.0 update, but there's still no sign of an Apple TV 3 version yet.

Seas0nPass Offers iOS 5 Jailbreak For Apple TV 2, Apple TV 3 Lucks Out

Great news if you want to jailbreak Apple TV 2 on iOS 5: Seas0nPass got an update! Sadly, it won't work with the newest box.

Thanks, Dev-Team! New iPad Already Jailbroken [Updated]

Just got back from buying your shiny new iPad? It looks like you could already jailbreak it using Cydia.

Tethered Jailbreak Already Available For iOS 5.1 With Redsn0w

For those keen to jailbreak the latest iOS update, your prayers have been answered! The iPhone Dev-Team already found a method.

Instaprint Lets You Print Instagram Photos Polaroid-Style; Hipsters Love It

Let your inner hipster go wild at your next ugly sweater party with one of these Polaroid-style booths.