Elizabeth FishContributor, TechHive

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

NASA says Ring Nebula is more like a jelly donut than a bagel, is obviously hungry

Scientists now believe that the Ring Nebula isn’t quite as ring-shaped as first thought…

Pizza printer means quick and tasty snacks in your house...or on Mars

Even astronauts on missions in space can enjoy pizzas with a 3D printer for food.

Light up her face (and finger) with this LED engagement ring

The light-up engagement ring is one a geek girl would dream of, and you could build it yourself!

Score some geek points at your next cookout with this Power Mac G5 grill

Summer's almost here. Hooray! But before you dust off that barbecue, consider using one of those old computer towers for your cookout.

Hacked lamp changes color based on your mood, warns others to leave you alone

Now you can express your feelings not only through expressions, but through a modded Ikea RGB lamp.

Over 200 asteroids strike Mars each year (the poor thing!)

If you thought space rocks used Earth for target practice, perhaps you should be glad you don’t live on Mars.

Play an 8-bit game on your pants and get weird looks with this DIY belt buckle

For those of you that like to show off with a big, flashy belt buckles, take a look at this DIY gaming-themed one—one that you can actually play.

Test your speed and stamina against a rodent on the Hamster Treadmill

Race against a hamster—and lose–with the help of a treadmill and tachometer.

Watch the opening to 'Star Wars: A New Hope' as recreated in Minecraft

Even someone who’s watched Star Wars A New Hope hundreds of times needs to see this Minecraft recreation.

RHex robot jumps like Roo, bounds around like Tigger

As far as the robot acrobatics go, forget the little robot that can pirouette around a horizontal bar. Instead, turn your attentions to RHex, the six-legged robot that can jump reasonably far for a machine of its size.

Don't try building this electrified DIY 'Thor' hammer at home (seriously, don't)

Hack a Day's Caleb Kraft built an electrified version of Thor's hammer that can shoot 80,000 volts of electricity.What could possibly go wrong?

Tiny insect robot floats better than a butterfly, won't sting like a bee

The world's tiniest robot can take off and fly perfectly, thanks to engineers at Harvard University.

3D-print your Minecraft masterpieces with Printcraft

If you’ve spent long hours perfecting your Minecraft world, you’ll want something to show for it—even if it’s only to justify to others why you spend so much time playing the game. Luckily for you, you can make 3D prints of your designs thanks to a free service called Printcraft.

This giant storm on Saturn looks both stunning and terrifying

Hurricanes on Earth terrifying enough, but take a look at the huge hurricane engulfing the most northern parts of Saturn.

Baseball-playing robot has an artificial brain, can learn to hit curveballs

Well, this is it, guys. Here’s where humans really do start become obsolete. We’re now building robots that can not only play sports, but can learn how to play better using a artificial brain that works like a human's.