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Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.


AlphaDog learns how to follow the leader, isn't quite ready for 'heel' yet

Our favorite robotic dog gets an update: it now follows you like any loyal companion would.

3D printer cookies

3D-printed Christmas cookies help make the holidays geekier

True story: the best way to a geek's heart is through their stomach, by making cookies with a 3D printer.

Z-1 NASA Space Suit

NASA's space suit prototype will take us to infinity...and beyond

NASA just finished testing a new space suit. Although it looks a lot like a suit you may have seen before...

Astronomers find potentially habitable planet; we might need it for Friday

Scientists studying a star found its planetary system, complete with a potential habitable planet. There might not be enough time to pack before Friday though.

Pretend to be a unicycle pro with this self-balancing single-wheeled contraption

It’s difficult to not be jealous of those people who can ride a unicycle about town with ease. If you never mastered the art of the unicycle, though, you could just make something like Nick Thatcher’s Raptor.

Lixil announces Android-powered Satis toilet

Your smartphone can control pretty much everything, and that now includes your toilet.

iPad-powered Christmas sweater is more geeky than ugly

If you’re going to wear a Christmas sweater, you may as well go all out and add your iPad to the front!

paintball drone

Don't try this paintball-equipped drone hack at home

Want the advantage the next time you play paintball? Build a drone that also fires missiles!

Get a second chance at stargazing with the Geminid Meteor Shower

If you're up for a bit of stargazing, this week is your lucky week! Geminid Meteor Shower is on its way and looks great.

Arduino Esplora

Arduino Esplora gives you a handle on game-based hardware modding

If you want to play with an Arduino board, without the hassle of extra soldering and locating parts, check out the Arduino Esplora.

No, jet fuel won't make your car fly (and other things you missed)

It's Monday and we aren't feeling very creative. So let's skip the formalities and attempts at clever wit: Here's your GeekBytes for December 10, 2012.

tentacle arm

Tentacle prosthetic arm tricks people into thinking you’re really Cthulhu

As it turns out, you don't need to have a human-like hand when it comes to prosthetics, you could just get a tentacle.

MacTab DIY tablet

Homebrew Mac tablet means you’ll never fully live in a post-PC world

Like the idea of a tablet, but also love working on your old MacBook? Stick the ideals together with this incredible mod.

Laser cut map

Check out these incredibly detailed laser-cut maps of major cities

Why look at a standard map of your city when you could have a laser cut version instead?