Elizabeth FishContributor, TechHive

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Interview: Raspberry Pi creator wants to bring hardware hacking to everyone

GeekTech caught up with Eben Upton, co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, to see how Raspberry Pi is doing a year after release.

I can has tweetz? Twitter is now fluent in Lolcat (and other stuff you missed)

Delve into GeekBytes today, and you’ll get your fair fix of Lolcats, alongside the best table ever and a strange karaoke machine mod.

Robot learns to interact with the help of school kids, sadly won’t learn to love

A robot joined a class of fifth graders to learn how to interact with other humans. What could possibly go wrong?

At 17 million digits, it might take you a while to read the largest prime number

Want to make your head ache? Trying looking at the new biggest prime number, made up of 17 million digits.

LED periodic table is a snazzy way to show off your elements collection

A quirky collectors item deserves an equally quirky case, like this LED periodic table equalizer.

This robot sneaks around like a ninja (and other stuff you missed)

Fun fact: Super Bowl Sunday is supposedly the second most gluttonous day of the year in the US. Luckily for you, GeekBytes comes without those pesky calories.

iOS 6.1 users get invited to the jailbreak party; third-gen Apple TV left out

With a new developer team comes a new jailbreak tool, and evasi0n gives you an untethered break across most iOS products.

Here's hoping this e-paper keyboard concept becomes a real product

This classy-looking e-paper keyboard is like touching lots of mini displays, only much more productive.

Professor holds virtual class in Minecraft, should win all the teaching awards

If your classroom ever floods, don’t expect time off: This professor uses Minecraft to virtually teach instead.

Adafuit Gemma board makes wearable LED technology more portable

Have you ever wanted a light-up suit—like something straight out of Tron or Blades of Glory—but found the chipboards available too big or annoying to build into clothing? The “wearable technology” fans over at Adafruit Industries have a solution.

rassor robot

New NASA robot will tirelessly mine the Moon, give Wall-E some competition

NASA’s latest prototype aims to mine lunar soil all day for years in order to make sustainable rocket fuel and air for astronauts.

This telescope stares at the Sun so you don't have to (and other stuff you missed)

Happy Monday! Do you wish you could be in your office in spirit rather than person? We have a small hack for that, plus important information regarding the diets of your favorite video game characters, and a telescope that takes images of the Sun.

ios 6.1

iOS 6.1 jailbreak available now, but is a better one due Sunday?

Well, that was very quick: within hours of Apple releasing the final version iOS 6.1 to the public, a tethered jailbreak is already available

This DIY voice-controlled R2-D2 made a fantastic gift for one lucky geek

This mini R2-D2 plays music, records messages, and listens to your commands. Sadly, it won’t fetch your dry cleaning.

Realistic Iron Man laser gauntlet is only capable of popping evil balloons

While we realistically won’t have cybernetic suits anytime soon, that didn't keep Patrick Priebe from recreating part of Iron Man's suit.