Elizabeth FishContributor, TechHive

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Shark, attacked: Tracker robot hunts sharks to understand their behavior

If you see this strange robot lurking in coastal waters, an actual shark probably isn't far away either.

This robot makes your watercolor masterpiece look like finger painting

Put your brushes and pencils down! The e-David robot’s monochrome art is akin to the Mona Lisa…sort of.

DARPA's newest humanoid robot takes blows from wrecking balls without flinching

This impressive hydraulic robot can balance itself and move with the same fluidity as humans.

Target Tracking Camera means you'll never miss a fast action shot again

This camera uses extra-fast tilting motions to perfectly center a fast moving object as though it’s a snail.

Bring Terminator back to life with 15,000 Lego bricks

Revive the Terminator films by rebuilding relentless machine for yourself—out of Lego.

This DIY camera has 20 lenses, can take a massive pile of photos in one shot

Forget Lomography cameras: Check out this DIY lensed pinhole camera that takes 20 photos simultaneously in a shot.

RHex robot jumps like Roo, bounds around like Tigger

As far as the robot acrobatics go, forget the little robot that can pirouette around a horizontal bar. Instead, turn your attentions to RHex, the six-legged robot that can jump reasonably far for a machine of its size.

Tiny insect robot floats better than a butterfly, won't sting like a bee

The world's tiniest robot can take off and fly perfectly, thanks to engineers at Harvard University.

Baseball-playing robot has an artificial brain, can learn to hit curveballs

Well, this is it, guys. Here’s where humans really do start become obsolete. We’re now building robots that can not only play sports, but can learn how to play better using a artificial brain that works like a human's.

Research suggests you’ll still empathize with robots when they take over

If you’ve ever felt some kind of emotion towards a robot, it’s possibly because your brain treats them similarly to how it treats humans.

This Nao Robot can spell out any word, could get all A's in spelling

If spelling isn’t your strong suit, be wary of this robot that can write out any word.

Meet Charlotte, the only spider that's good at math

If you want your robot to replicate a spider perfectly, take a few tips from the six-legged hexapod named Charlotte.

Solar panel-cleaning robot means one less chore for you

Installing solar panels on your roof can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and they can save you money in the long run. Of course, they can also build up dirt and dust, which can negatively impact their efficiency and power-generating capabilities. What's a homeowner to do? Let a robot do the dirty work, of course.

Robotic salamander walks and swims like the real thing

This amphibious robot can move around thanks to an advanced digital network.

BigDog robot can hurl cinderblocks with ease, is more loyal than other robots

If you have a grudge, let BigDog protect you with its block-hurling ability.