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Windows 8 and Xbox: How to realize their hidden synergy

With Windows 8, the ties between Microsoft's blockbuster operating system and its blockbuster gaming console have never been tighter. Here's how to get the two playing nicely together.

Micro Express MicroFlex 37B Review: Don't Judge by the Cover

It’s fast and it’s furious--Micro Express’s budget desktop delivers a lot for a low-cost PC. But its looks won't appeal to everyone.

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The Best Freeware for Small Businesses

Looking to trim your IT budget? Start with your PC software.

How to Run Your Own LAN Party

Or, how to game with friends without blowing up your PC, house, or home network.

Mobile surfing moves beyond your phone's default browser

Last week's release of Yahoo Axis may make some mobile users ready to move their browsing habits beyond the app that comes with their smartphone or tablet. David Murphy looks at some of the more interesting options for Android and iOS device owners.

Origin Genesis Review: Near Perfection in a Gaming PC

There’s little to dislike about Origin’s big performance PC: It looks every bit as good as it runs, but costs less than the competition.

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Geek 101: Do You Need a Discrete Sound Card?

Curious about your audio options while checking out a new PC? The latest installment of Geek 101 is here to steer you in the right direction.

HP Omni 200 Quad: Superspeedy, but Lacking Elsewhere

HP’s latest all-in-one desktop kicks performance into high gear--but where are all the fashionable features?

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Make Your Own Tech Accessories

Dashboard mounts, tablet stands, mouse pads--why buy them when you can build your own? Here's how to save money by creating your own tech accessories out of common home or office materials.

Make Your Own Car Smartphone Holder

Here's how to create a car smartphone holder out of a paper cup.

Make Your Own Tablet Stand

Here's how to create a tablet stand out of disposable chopsticks.

Giada A50 Fusion Ultra PC: The Name of the Game Is Storage

An acceptable system at a slightly higher than expected price, Giada’s A50 isn’t one Compact PC to overlook.

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PC Spring Cleaning: Automatically Organize Your Files

Here's how to find and eliminate PC clutter--and automate file organization so that it never crops up again.

Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs: What to Expect

Intel's second-generation Core processors are almost here, delivering a new socket, new chipsets, and new technologies.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410: Back With a Blu-ray Player

For its size, you won’t find a more well-rounded system than Dell’s Compact PC. It’s speedy, connected, and ready for next-generation movie discs.

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