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Western Digital Wi-Fi extender boasts 3-by-3 antenna array

WD claims the range extender gives a faster and more reliable signal

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Unannounced Slingbox devices spotted in Best Buy

Two unannounced updated Slingbox devices were found -- but unbuyable -- in a Best Buy store, revealing some details about the next generation of the hub.

TechHive: Sony's First 4K HDTV Is an 84-inch Behemoth


Sony has announced a monstrous new TV with a pixel count four times that of existing HDTVs.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Player 5.8

The newest iPod Touch rival runs Android 4.0 with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface and comes with Bluetooth 4.0, storage options, and a 5.8-inch screen.

T-Mobile, MetroPCS Roll Out Unlimited Data Plans

The plans are truly unlimited, with no data caps or throttling of download speeds taking place.

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Rumor: Apple TV to be Revamped with TV Set on Hold

Apple seems to be working on a set-top box that can carry live TV and online content, not the full-fledged Siri device everyone was expecting.