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google search

Google Search can now sift through your personal photos

Google will now search through your own photos on Google+ via the main Google Search bar.

Twitter #Music doubles down on song discovery with new chart features

How does a music service built around sharing and song discovery get even better at surfacing hot tunes? Simple: Add some charts.

Opera's new Android browser hits Google Play, rebuilt from the ground up

Opera's new WebKit-based Android browser sports some nifty features and a bevy of under-the-hood changes.

It's official: Yahoo will buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion

After a weekend full of rumor and speculation, Yahoo confirms its plans to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion in cash.

Google Play Books puts sideloaded ebooks in the cloud

Google now lets you upload your own PDFs and ePub-formatted ebooks into your Play Books library. Once there, you can sync them across the Web as well as Android and iOS devices.

Nokia Lumia 925

Sibling rivalry: Lumia 925 vs. the competition (Chart)

All the stats you need to know about the Lumia 925 and its rivals, all in one spot.

streaming tv

ABC adds live-streaming to its iOS app, but won't cut the cord

ABC is updating its iOS app this week to support live streaming of shows, including programming from local stations, but the service comes at a price.

facebook home

Facebook Home hits HTC One and (unofficially) the Galaxy S4

Facebook Home may have hit 1 million downloads, but it's not running on a million smartphones, although support is expanding to additional models.

New Google timelapse project shows how Earth has changed over 28 years

A new project by Google, NASA, and the U.S. Geological survey shows how major landmarks have changed over the past 28 years in vivid detail.

Facebook to Microsoft: Dump fake Facebook apps from Windows Phone Store

Facebook has asked Microsoft to remove 41 unofficial and clone 'Facebook' apps from the Windows Phone store as the social network prepares to introduce its official app for the platform.


Barnes & Noble slashes Nook tablet prices for Mother’s Day

Barnes & Nobel is cutting Nook prices as much as 30 percent, while Amazon's Mother's Day sale is not quite as generous.

Pentagon clears BlackBerry Z10 and Samsung Galaxy S4

Struggling BlackBerry gets a boost as the U.S. Department of Defense clears the use of devices running BlackBerry 10 as well as a version of Android.

on pcworld.com

AT&T's new trade-in program for smartphone buyers

If you have old phones stashed in drawers around the house, AT&T will now pay you for them via a voucher good for obtaining a brand new handset from the company's offerings.

Feature bloat creates storage woes for the 16GB Galaxy S4

When Samsung says the Galaxy S4 is packed with features, it isn't kidding.

LG starts accepting preorders for world's first curved OLED TV

LG is preparing to ship the 55EA9800, its 55-inch OLED television, which is both groundbreaking and pricey.