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Apple's Mountain Lion Clears 10% Bar: Now Powers 1 in 10 Macs

Apple's OS X Mountain Lion now powers more than 10% of all Macs, and may be on the way to outdoing its predecessor, Lion, in adoption speed, an online advertising network said today.


Hands-On With Windows Server 8 Beta

The Metro user interface doesn't serve well as the default for a server OS, but so far the ingredients for success are here.


Google Targets Microsoft's Enterprise Turf with Chromebooks

Google is targeting the enterprise with its cloud-based notebooks that make it easy for companies to manage their computer systems.


White iPhone 4, iPad 2 Ship in Hong Kong

Finally the white iPhone 4 and iPad 2 have hit Hong Kong.

31 Essential Smartphone Apps

A roundup of our best-loved 31 apps for the iPhone, Android phones and other smartphones.

Mobile Gadget Users: Ruder than Ever, Study Shows

Mobile device etiquette keeps going down the drain, a survey reveals.

AT&T May Lose 26% of iPhone Owners to Verizon, Survey Shows

More than a quarter of iPhone owners now using AT&T will switch to Verizon, a U.S. consumer survey said today.

Summer Gadget Guide

From a solar-powered watch to a speaker for your bike helmet and a nifty geocache finder, these 10 high-tech toys are perfect for summer.

10 Mobile and Wireless Technologies To Watch

Gartner is highlighting 10 mobile and wireless networking technologies -- including new versions of Bluetooth and location-awareness -- it says will play a big role in business-to-employee and business-to-consumer interactions over the next couple of years.

Apple on Track to Sell 7.6 Million iPads in 2010

Apple says it has sold more than two million iPads since it launched the tablet two months ago.