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Papa Mau robot

Robot swims over 9000 nautical miles unaided (and other things we didn't cover)

Your mid-week GeekBytes update sees how one little robot set a new world-record by taking to the seas unaided. Travel is transforming!

Robot chef churns out 400 burgers an hour, won't join a union

Momentum Machines has created a robotic chef that can produce gourmet burgers in fast-food times. Wimpy would be pleased.

Customers buy Lion on Mountain Lion launch day, but did they know?

Mac App Store customers were able to buy OS X 10.7 Lion right up until Mountain Lion was made available, whether they realized it or not.

Panasonic's Newest TV Prototype Is Too Big for Your Living Room

If you want Panasonic's new 145-inch HDTV, you may need to think about getting a bigger house.