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Cassandra Khaw is an entry-level audiophile, a street dancer, a person who writes about video games for a living, and someone who spends too much time on Twitter.

Barista Bot will paint latte portraits; barista jobs are safe (for now)

An automaton that can sketch out a photo of you on your next coffee? Sure!

This robot has better handwriting than you do (and other stuff you missed)

Created by five undergraduates at the Franklin W.Olin College of Engineering, this is an automated pen that writes calligraphy better than you. Like, really.

This dad's 'Pauline patch' lets you swap gender roles in classic Donkey Kong

Kids these days are lucky. I remember feeling fortunate that my father even understood what "video games" meant. These days? The little tykes have fathers who can hack old video games to make it more gender appropriate.

Mico headphones try to read your mind, will play breakup music when you need it

Headphones that discern the best song for the moment based on your playlist and mindset? Bring it on!

Charge your smartphone using human power (and other stuff you missed)

A thesis project that may be the closest thing we've come to Tony Stark-level holograms? A 3D-printed implant for the skull? Yeah, we're definitely living in the future. As such, it can be easy to forget that the simplest things (such as electricity) are also the most vital which is why we have inventions like this...

MakerBot Digitizer lets you scan and make 3D printouts of household objects

Can't get your mind around making designs for your 3D printer? You might be able to just rely on MakerBot's upcoming digitizer Desktop 3D scanner instead.

The Lego Baron: Inside the mind of expert Lego builder Baron Von Brunk

Lego blocks aren't just for kids anymore. If anything, adults may have cornered the market on its awesomeness. Meet Julius “The Baron” Von Brunk.

Automated bartender will make any cocktail you want, won't even ask for a tip

We keep talking about how the end is inevitably going to come in the shape of giant, autonomous mechas with a hatred for mankind. As such, it can be easy to forget that machines can be friendly—so friendly, in fact, that they'll make you the perfect white Russian every time and not even ask for your number.

Look at this incredible Lego replica of an underground metro station

Esben Kolind's vision of an underground metro station would make commuters weep tears of appreciative joy.

Finger-mounted Mycestro 3D mouse frees your hands, possibly your mind

Innovative Developments' 3D mouse will free your hands and offer a wider range of movement.

Astronomers find a newly formed planet, witness the birth of a solar system

Not too long ago, in an environment none too far away—335 light years is a little more than an afternoon jaunt by galactic standards—scientists found themselves suspicious of the gaseous clouds circling a star known as HD 100546, and for good reason: It had something growing quietly inside its depths.

Roll20 brings 'analog' tabletop gaming to the digital age

If you're old enough to remember tabletop RPGs or just want to see what the fuss used to be about, Roll20 might be exactly whht you're looking for.

You know you want this giant Raspberry Pi cake (and other stuff you missed)

You know you've done something right when someone builds a cake dedicated to your creation. We check out the Raspberry Pi cake and a few other cool things.

Two rats, one brain: Researchers achieve rodent hive mind?

A research team from Duke University have wired together the brains of a pair of rats. Will this be how humanity ends?

'Wet computing' lets you submerge electronics for cooling without frying them

Liquid-cooled computers aren't exactly a completely unknown phenomenon. We've seen mineral oil in a variety of awesome casemods before. However, researchers from the University of Leeds and UK company Icetope appear to be trying to push things a little further with their Icetope server, a server that may be more fish than computer.