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Roundworms star in OpenWorm, an artificial life simulator

How do you design life? By building it from ground-up, of course. OpenWorm is an attempt to do exactly that.

Siva Cycle's Atom looks to harness pedal power

The Atom is a bike-fitting contraption that converts your locomotive exertion into energy.

Nerdcore mixes geek culture with hip-hop

What is nerdcore? We explore the hows and whys of one of music's newest (and geekiest) subgenres.

IBM makes a movie with just atoms, not large egos

With the economy in constant turmoil, is it time to do like IBM and take out the Hollywood superstars and remove them with sub-molecular particles? While you ponder that, watch this video.

Review: Magicka for iPad is a fun port of its PC counterpart

Broken into stages and the occasional challenge, Magicka is ridiculous, rowdy, and wickedly funny from time to time.

This six-foot-tall rideable mecha is just for kids, costs as much as a new car

Don't have the millions it takes to buy the 13-foot-tall Kuratas rideable robot? If you're small enough, you could have this mecha instead.

Stadium HD Wireless Headphones pack in built-in music playback

Stadium Audio Group's Stadium HD Wireless Headphones look to combine high-quality sound with music playback, a built-in mic, and more.

The best action games for Android

Make war, not love: Here are the most interesting action games currently available on Android.

Flipperbot is a robot that moves like a baby sea turtle

Over the years, scientists have taken cues from just about everything in the animal kingdom to make robots. This time, they're taking a page out of the sea turtle's book.

Folding USB Solar Cell will power your devices on the go

The simple, folding solar charger from Brown Dog Gadgets can be paired with a battery pack to store a charge for those dark times.

DASH is the foldable hexapod that runs like a cockroach

If you suffer from a fear of cockroaches, you may want to look away from Dash Robotics' creation.

Six-legged Mantis Walking Machine will slowly lumber into your nightmares

Looking for all the world like the vanguard of a robot invasion, this massive mechanical monster will either inspire love or dread.

The best tower defense games on Android

Build those towers and stop those creeps where they stand! These tower defense games are sure to please your inner strategist.

Review: Badland for iOS is nonstop side-scrolling fun

This side-scrolling atmospheric adventure game chucks you headfirst into explosive environmental hazards, but each round leaves you wanting more.

The Force is strong with these Star Wars-themed iPhone 5 cases

Nothing shows your love for Star Wars like a Chewbacca-inspired, fur-lined iPhone case.