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Lovable real-life Pixar lamp is one robot you'll want to lord over you

Remember that adorable little Luxo Lamp that greets you before every Pixar film? Yeah, well, he's real now.

Brave Robotics to roll out working mini Transformers, lasers not included

Who needs a little plastic Decepticon when you can have a 3D-printed, remote-controlled Autobot from Brave Robotics instead?

Robot dad will play catch with you forever—even when you don't want to

Disney's Animatronics department is working on a humanoid robot that can play catch with you.

DARPA's Pet-Proto can jump, climb, dodge obstacles; can't lord over humans yet

Think you can outclimb a robot to safety? Think again. The Pet-Proto is pretty agile, and he's just the first of many to come.

Robots learn 'Gangnam Style,' are too busy dancing to take over the world

It looks like robots just want to have fun. CHARLI-2 the robot is apparently as much of a Gangnam Style-fanboy as the next K-Pop lover.

Be lazier than ever with the self-making bed of the future

Spanish furniture maker OHEA has the invention every messy college student has been dreaming of: a bed that makes itself.

Fully autonomous robotic drones are coming, Skynet after that?

University of Connecticut researchers are working on making the smart machines of science fiction into fact.