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Automated bartender will make any cocktail you want, won't even ask for a tip

We keep talking about how the end is inevitably going to come in the shape of giant, autonomous mechas with a hatred for mankind. As such, it can be easy to forget that machines can be friendly—so friendly, in fact, that they'll make you the perfect white Russian every time and not even ask for your number.

Drawing automaton Legonardo is no Da Vinci, but still draws better than you

Okay, so Legonardo is nowhere as good as Da Vinci but it's still an automaton made out of Lego blocks that draws. Eee.

Monkeys can now control robots with their minds

While the very idea of being governed by our machines machines is more than terrifying enough, there's something to be said about the notion of being subjugated by our primal cousins as well.

Maki the robot wants to be your 3D-printed automaton buddy

Can't think of what else you might want to use that 3D printer you bought for? Why not print a robot?

Lynx A camera is the world's first point-and-shoot 3D modeling camera

With so much attention being poured into 3D content, it's hard not to want to be part of the action. How does one go about that? Funding the Lynx A camera may be a good first step.

Cuddlebot might be the closest we ever get to real-life tribbles

hile it doesn't reproduce at alarming rates, the Cuddlebot may be the next best thing to Star Trek's fuzzy...fuzzies.

The Green Tcult wants to help you brew the perfect cup of tea

Looking to brew a perfect mug of Lapsang Souchong? Green Tcult might well be your cup of tea.

The LED NanoLight may be the most efficient lightbulb yet

Why use a regular lightbulb when have can have one capable of generating 1600 lumens -- the equivalent of 100 watts -- while using only 12 watts and LEDs?

The Almond+ is a touchscreen Wi-Fi router and smart home hub rolled into one

Securifi is looking to cash in on the success of its Almond touchscreen router with the Almond+, which adds home automation control to the mix.

Leikr GPS sports watch promises color maps and exercise plans

If the team behind Leikr gets its way, no one would ever be lost or bereft of a decent exercise plan again.

Amiigo promises to track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and more

A bracelet and shoe clip-on that tracks everything ? We're in!

All-robot metal band CompressorHead is cast-iron solid

Can you think of anything more metal than a heavy metal group consisting of robots? No? Didn't think so.

Kenshiro robot gets muscles and bones, still isn't a real boy

We're getting ever closer to the singularity. This time around, Japanese scientists have given a robot muscles and bones. Really.

The Boombot REX is a smart speaker that doesn't mind playing dirty

Perfect for the modern neanderthal, the Boombot is looking to be an ultra-chic, ultra-portable and ultra-resilient music experience.

Robots learn a trick or two from squirrels, now know how to deceive you

Full-scale invasion? Pfft. These robots are taking inspiration from furry woodland creatures instead. Fear the quiet ones.