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Domino's pizza-delivering DomiCopter may be the best thing you read about today

Pizza. From the skies. Think about it. It really doesn't get any better than this and Domino's knows it.

DARPA's Warrior Web could make soldiers harder, better, faster, stronger

Warrior Web program aims to deliver a lightweight under-suit that can reduce injuries and enhance performance.

BrickPi marries Lego Mindstorms and Raspberry Pi; baby robots imminent

Not everyone knows how to design a Lego robot from scratch, but with BrickPi, the process could be much easier.

Lightpack protects your precious eyesight while watching TV

Woodenshark's Lightpack aims to use ambient backlight to essentially extend your HDTV or monitor's screen, and make it safer on the eyes at the same time.

SOINN artificial brain gets an upgrade, can use the Internet for self-enrichment

SOINN powers a robot that can think, learn and act independently. SOINN can now new things through the Internet. Halp.

Coralbots will restore and rebuild damaged coral reefs

Coralbots aim to be a team of robots that navigate across a damaged coral reef and transplant pieces of healthy coral in the process.

This six-foot-tall rideable mecha is just for kids, costs as much as a new car

Don't have the millions it takes to buy the 13-foot-tall Kuratas rideable robot? If you're small enough, you could have this mecha instead.

Stadium HD Wireless Headphones pack in built-in music playback

Stadium Audio Group's Stadium HD Wireless Headphones look to combine high-quality sound with music playback, a built-in mic, and more.

Flipperbot is a robot that moves like a baby sea turtle

Over the years, scientists have taken cues from just about everything in the animal kingdom to make robots. This time, they're taking a page out of the sea turtle's book.

DASH is the foldable hexapod that runs like a cockroach

If you suffer from a fear of cockroaches, you may want to look away from Dash Robotics' creation.

DARPA robot performs ridiculously slow pitstop, won't replace pit crews yet

Robots are being made for all kinds of situations these days including mundane tasks like changing tires.

Robot arm becomes a robot bartender, your approval rating with friends soars

What better way to make use of a spare robot arm than to turn into something that dispenses alcohol?

Barista Bot will paint latte portraits; barista jobs are safe (for now)

An automaton that can sketch out a photo of you on your next coffee? Sure!

This robot has better handwriting than you do (and other stuff you missed)

Created by five undergraduates at the Franklin W.Olin College of Engineering, this is an automated pen that writes calligraphy better than you. Like, really.