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Amber writes about lifestyle and mobile tech, including fit tech, mHealth, travel, home automation and more. In her non-tech time she takes too many pictures of her cats, watches zombie movies, crochets, and plans out her next tattoos.

pedometer apps primary

Walk this way: 6 pedometer apps for iPhone

Who needs a Fitbit anyway? Your iPhone can track your steps for you, but not every pedometer app can go the distance.

Nest on wall

Google buys Nest, world gets one step closer to 'OK Glass, make my house warmer'

Will Google's $3.2 billion investment in the Internet of Things market have privacy implications for Nest's customers? Nest, naturally, says no.

okidokeys inside view

Will smart locks open the door for home automation?

Big home-automation systems are intimidating, but tech is still colonizing the home one step at a time. First it was smart thermostats, then Bluetooth light bulbs, and now it's smart keys with smart locks.

viper door sensor red

Viper Home Starter Kit review: It's the software, stupid

The Viper Home Starter Kit is nearly effortless to set up. Well. The hardware is at least.

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Connected by TCP review: Smart lighting 101

Upgrade the easy way: Add super simple app-controlled lighting to your love shack.

Get your minimum of daily movement with Human

For the love of Richard Simmons, stand up while you read this!

Nike+ Move makes the iPhone 5s double as a FuelBand

Thanks to the M7 coprocessor in the iPhone 5s, Nike's new fitness app can track your movements without a separate hunk of hardware around your wrist.

Three new offerings from Runtastic want to help whip you into shape

Runtastic is rounding out its fitness ecosystem with a smart scale, a new app for sculpting your abs, and stories to keep runners captivated mile after mile.

Review: Come rain or shine, Netatmo's Weather Station provides a personalized forecast

There are thousands of weather apps out there, but they can't tell you what the temperature is at your house specifically.

Gesundheit! Six apps that ease the hell of allergy season

From tips to trackers, these apps will help those with allergies.

Couch potato call: Mobile World Congress is a fit tech dead zone

While surprised by the scarcity of consumer fitness contraptions on the show floor, we managed to spot a few key health-related gadgets.

Aftershokz open-ear headphones are zombie-apocalypse approved (video)

There’s now a third option in the earbud/over-ear debate thanks the Aftershokz open-ear headphones.

Samsung's new TV lineup promises a world of possibilities

While Samsung's press conference at CES on Monday focused on both Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and a line of smart home appliances, the main focus was on the stunning new selection of smart TVs