10 HDTV Deals in Time for Super Bowl XLVI

Grab an HDTV for the big game--on sale!

Super Bowl XLVI in High-Def

The Super Bowl will be hot this year: It's the second time in four years that the New York Giants and the New England Patriots have met head-to-head in football's biggest game of the season. The difference is that this year you could be watching the big game on a large, vivid HDTV.

Following sluggish flat-panel sales during the 2011 holiday season, this year's Super Bowl HDTV prices won't be as good as last year's sales, when shoppers saw price dips of more than 10 percent, according to USA Today. But that doesn't mean there are no sales to be had. I've scoured the weekly ads for major national retailers to dig up some of the best HDTV prices you can find in 2012--all valid through Saturday, February 4, so you can watch the gridiron matchup in 32-plus inches of HD style.

Target: Westinghouse 55-Inch LCD, $600

Model number: VR-5525Z

Specs: 1080p resolution, 120Hz, four HDMI ports

The score: This is a great price for a big-screen TV with a modest feature set. Target is offering 50 percent off delivery and installation if you book an appointment by Wednesday, February 1.

Best Buy: RCA 46-Inch LCD, $500

Model number: 46LA45RQ

Specs: 1080p resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, three HDMI ports, PC video input

The score: The refresh rate is not that high, so images won't look as smooth as on a 120Hz TV. You also miss out on Internet connectivity. But for $500, you get a full HD 46-inch set.

Walmart: Vizio 65-Inch 3D LCD, $1800

Model number: XVT3D650SV

Specs: 120Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution, 3D display, four sets of 3D glasses, five HDMI ports, built-in Wi-Fi

The score: This LCD features all kinds of fun, including a 3D display with free 3D glasses for the whole family, Internet connectivity through Vizio's Internet apps, five HDMI ports, and built-in wireless connectivity. PCWorld's review of the XVT3D650SV gave this HDTV 4 out of 5 stars.

Walmart: Vizio 47-Inch 3D LCD, $800

Model number: E3D470VX

Specs: 120Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution, 3D, two sets of 3D glasses, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, Vizio Internet Apps, three HDMI ports

The score: Another Vizio special from Walmart, this 47-inch TV doesn't come with as many sets of free 3D glasses as the 65-inch XVT3D650SV does, but it's still a good deal.

Radio Shack: Toshiba 32-Inch LCD, $280

Model number: 32C110

Specs: 720p resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, two HDMI ports, USB port

The score: For $280 you can't go wrong, even though this set doesn't offer a 1080p picture and you have to deal with the lower-grade 720p instead. If Radio Shack is out of stock, check Best Buy, which is selling this set for $300.

Best Buy: Panasonic 60-Inch Plasma, $1000

Model number: TC-P60S30

Specs: 1080p resolution, 600Hz, three HDMI ports, ethernet, two USB ports

The score: You can skip the halftime show to get online with this HDTV, using its built-in apps to check your Facebook status, watch streaming videos from CinemaNow or Netflix, or listen to music via Pandora.

You also get a good number of HDMI and USB ports for all your peripherals. If the price doesn't grab you, note that Walmart is also selling a Panasonic 60-inch plasma set for $100 cheaper, but that retailer's advertising does not detail the model number or specs.

Best Buy: Sharp 70-Inch LED, $2000

Model number: LC70LE632U

Specs: 120Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution, 3.5 inches deep, four HDMI ports, one component port, one composite port, one PC input, ethernet port, USB

The score: The experts say to look out for sales on large panels, and this 70-inch monster is the big playmaker this year. It's thin, it's connected, and it has lots of inputs--all for a pretty good price.

Radio Shack: Samsung 32-Inch LCD, $300

Model number: LN32D403

Specs: 720p resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, two HDMI ports, USB port

The score: It doesn't hurt to have a backup plan when shopping for a new TV. If you can't get your hands on the $280 Toshiba, this Samsung set offers the same specs as the Toshiba 32C110 and is also on sale at Best Buy.

Best Buy: Samsung 46-Inch LED, $1300

Model number: UN46D6900W

Specs: 1080p, 120Hz refresh rate, 3D, two sets of 3D glasses, four HDMI ports, three USB 2.0 ports, built-in Wi-Fi

The score: Don't let the $700-off price tag fool you. The average price for this set hovers around $1500, according to Consumer Reports. Nevertheless, an average savings of about $200 isn't bad. Plus, you get a great set with Samsung's Smart TV apps, 3D capability, an excellent refresh rate, and a good number of HDMI and USB ports. You also get two free pairs of 3D glasses.

Sears: Zenith 50-Inch Plasma, $550

Model number: Z50PV220

Specs: 1080p resolution, 600Hz, Digital Audio out, three HDMI ports, PC input

The score: With this set, you won't be able to go online to check Twitter during the big game, but this 50-inch display will make sure that you see all of the offensive plays by quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning in full HD.