Photo Contest: Hot Pics for September

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these award-winning shots.

9/5/11 Hot Pic: "Lazy Sea Lion" by Robert Berger, New Jersey

Robert writes: "I took this picture on San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador. I used a Panasonic DMC-FZ18. The animals in the Galapagos are unafraid of humans, so they do as they please."

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9/12/11 Hot Pic: "Rufous" by Jack Moskovita, Tacoma, Washington

Jack writes: "I took this photo of a male Rufous Hummingbird with my Nikon D5000. These little guys migrate over 2500 miles from across the Gulf of Mexico to Canada every year. He was gone the next day, probably in Canada by now."

9/19/11 Hot Pic: "Jester" by Dwayne A. Taylor, Salem, Massachusetts

Dwayne writes: "Here is another picture based on my summer passion: The raising and releasing of Monarch butterflies. This is a fifth instar Monarch butterfly caterpillar, looking directly into his face. I shot him with my Canon Digital Rebel and a 100mm macro lens. When I saw the photo on my PC, I immediately thought of a court jester, hence the name of the photo."

9/26/11 Hot Pic: "Baltimore in the Fog of Winter," by Zeke Ayele, Baltimore, Maryland

Zeke says he shot this scene with a Sony DSC-W200.

9/5/11 runner-up: "Leiria Castle" by Tom Thompson, Hamilton, Ontario

Tom writes: "While on vacation, I took this picture from my hotel room, which overlooked a castle sitting above the town of Leiria, Portugal. I shot it with a Canon Rebel XTi and balanced the camera on the hand rail to minimize shake."

9/12/11 runner-up: "Agave Sky" by Brian Mork, Edwards AFB, California

Brian writes: "My wife and I were exploring the colors of the springtime desert west of Las Vegas when we discovered this agave flower standing about 18 feet high. I shot this picture in order to experiment with auto focusing against a distant, uniform background."

9/19/11 runner-up: "Surfin' Safari" by Robert King, Carson, California

Robert writes: "I was watching the big waves at Seal Beach Pier one afternoon, and at sunset this parade of surfers entered the scene, heading for the water. I shot this picture with a Nikon D40x."

9/26/11runner-up: "Face Behind the Art," by Bob Kuest, Hillsboro, Oregon

Bob writes: "My submission was made as part of an afternoon project, 'Garrett and Grandpa Do Art.' My 10-year-old grandson waved a Halloween LED light wand in a dark room during a 4-second exposure with my Canon T2i."