Livescribe's Echo Smartpen Gets Social and More Connected

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The latest addition to the Livescribe smartpen family is sleeker, better-looking, and has more memory than its predecessor. New tricks include password protection, an app store, and the ability to function as a USB-connected input device.

Price when rated: $200
Lowest price: $340.00 via Marketplace


  • Captures lecture or meeting audio and links it to your written notes
  • Thinner and more comfortable than the Livescribe Pulse
  • Notes can be shared as Flash, PDF, or AAC files
  • Increased storage capacity for same price as the Pulse
  • Fun and useful way to take notes with audio
  • Ability to add features via Livescribe app store
  • New USB port location allows usage as input device
  • Ability to share notes and audio via pencast
  • Password protection for sensitive audio files


  • Smartpen is heavy and larger than typical pen
  • No bundled writing-to-text transcription app
  • Still a bit bulky
  • Some teachers may not want lectures recorded
  • Requires special paper to work

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