Fix 'Green' YouTube Videos

Owing to my recent computer meltdown, I'm in the process of breaking in a new system (hopefully without "breaking" it along the way).

One weird anomaly cropped up right away: When I tried to watch a YouTube video, everything went green. Specifically, I could hear the audio, but the only image was a big green square. Huh? This was particularly vexing because I was sure I'd installed the latest version of Adobe Flash, and I definitely had the latest video drivers.

Thankfully, I remembered a fix from many moons ago. If you're encountering this same issue, try this:

1. Open your Web browser and head to YouTube.

2. Choose any random video (or the one you're actually trying to watch).

3. Right-click anywhere in the video window, then click Settings.

4. Clear the checkbox next to Enable hardware acceleration, then click Close.

Presto! Now your videos should play just fine. (If not, be sure to leave a comment and let me know. From what I've learned, this is a surefire solution to the problem.)

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