Start Saving for Samsung's $13K, 75-Inch 3D HDTV

Got $13K to spare and a TV stand big enough to sleep on? If so, Samsung's got a huge 3D TV to sell you.

The Samsung D9500 is a 75-inch, LED-backlit 3D LCD TV. It goes on pre-sale in Korea later this month, but Engadget reports that it'll hit U.S. shores in August for a mere $13,000.

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So it's not exactly a budget model. On the bright side, the D9500 comes with all the trimmings, including Smart TV apps, Samsung Hub, a Web browser, four pairs of active shutter glasses, and a dual-sided remote with traditional controls on one side and a QWERTY keyboard on the other. Refresh rate comes in at 240 Hz.

At 75 inches diagonally, the D9500 sneaks past LG's Infinia LZ9700, a 72-inch LED-backlit 3D television that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January but still isn't on the market. Mitsubishi trumps them both with its DLP televisions, which max out at 82 inches now and will hit 92 inches this year, but big-screen DLP TVs aren't as conducive for well-lit rooms as LED backlighting.

LED-backlit 3D TV prices rise dramatically when you hit the high end. Samsung's existing 65-inch television, for example, has a $6,000 list price, so you're paying more than double to get an extra 10 inches of screen. At least the glasses are getting cheaper!

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