10 Ways to Enjoy Wireless Entertainment With AirPlay

iOS 4.3 bring AirPlay support to the iPhone and the iPad--here's how to make the most of it.

What is AirPlay?

One of the hidden gems in the iOS 4.3 update for iPhones and iPads is full support for AirPlay, a wireless technology that allows you to stream video and audio directly form your iDevice to a $99 Apple TV 2 hooked to your TV set and surround system. With this setup, there's only one tap between content on your iPad and TV.

Here are some great AirPlay-enabled apps that could one day replace your cable subscription...

Crisp AirPlay Audio

Unlike Bluetooth streaming, AirPlay audio is crisp, and you can stream it straight from your iPhone or iPad to third-party receivers such as this one from Pioneer. It only works with audio at the moment (you need a cable connector for video), but rumor has it Apple is looking to license the technology to TV manufacturers and more.

Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1 channel receiver, $549

AirPlay Hardware

The iW1 wireless speakers from iHome feature two three-inch subwoofers and one-inch tweeters that black your AirPlay music. The system also works on battery power and you can add multiple speakers across several rooms for multi-room audio bliss.

iHome W1 is shipping this summer for $300

CNN App with AirPlay

It might seem ironic that CNN's iPad app allows you to view clips on a TV, but there are advantages to following the news from the app. The video reports are usually different from what you see on TV and best of all - you can skip, fast-forward, or replay any video you want.

Price: Free

TED Talks App with AirPlay

The inspiring talks from TED have always been available on the Web, but the videos from the Ted Talks app are optimized for iPad and Apple TV watching. Plus, the app allows you to save videos for offline viewing, so you can watch them without an active Internet connection (WiFi is still required for AirPlay).

Price: Free

EyeTV App with AirPlay

Live TV comes to your Apple TV via AirPlay with EyeTV. The app connects with compatible EyeTV software and hardware (sold separately) and allows you to watch live TV channels or recordings. The app also gives you access to live TV and recordings via 3G and WiFi when you are away from home.

Price: $4.99

ESPN Magazine with AirPlay

Sports fans rejoice: the ESPN Magazine app for iPad allows you to play any of the videos inside the app on your TV, on top of new content available daily. Even better, you can play the videos on your TV while you browse the app.

Price: Free to download

AirVideo with AirPlay

You can finally watch all those archived DivX files from your computer on the TV, without having to go through painstaking conversions. The AirVideo app converts the video from your PC on the fly and streams it to your iPad. From there, AirPlay takes over the duty of streaming to the TV (including in-background playing).

Price: $2.99

Newsy with AirPlay

Newsy's new iPad app now supports AirPlay. Newsy is an informative multi-source video news iPad-oriented app with round-ups of the most important stories of the day from several categories. Just queue up your playlist and enjoy your personalized news bulletin on the biggest screen in the house.

Price: Free

ShowYou with AirPlay

ShowYou brings together all the videos your friends share on Facebook and Twitter, with videos from several services (including YouTube and Vimeo) arranged in a grid. From there, there's just one step to watching your social video feed on the TV. You can also comment and rate videos on the iPad while watching the clips on the TV.

Price: Free

IMDB with AirPlay

IMDB's iPad app not only delivers comprehensive information about movies, but it now allows you to watch any of the theatrical trailers and video clips on your TV via AirPlay. Flixster's Movies app also has similar capabilities.

Price: Free


After shooting and editing your home movies with an iPad 2 and iMovie on the tablet, you can showcase your creation on the big screen, just by tapping the AirPlay button in the playback window. No more pesky exports and conversions.

Price: $4.99