LG First Look: NetCast and NanoLED

Yesterday, LG announced they were revamping their Smart TV features and releasing a new line of high-end, full-array LED back-lit TVs with their new NanoLED technology. Today, we got to play with their new gear.

LG's New NetCast Platform: A Video Tour

LG's updated NetCast lineup looks like it's ready to give the other big boys a run for their money. While it certainly seems to monopolize your attention (it doesn't look easy to watch TV while using an app, for example), the feature selection is impeccable, and the LG Magic Wand remote control makes navigating through menus far easier than it usually is with a remote control.

In Video: LG's New NetCast Platform: A Video Tour

LG's NanoLED TVs Explained

LED TVs typically either use a full-array back-lit setup, where LEDs are arranged in a matrix behind the TV panel for excellent image quality, or an edge-lit setup, which is cheaper and thinner than a full-array panel but doesn't produce quite as good a picture. LG's NanoLED TVs are full-array HDTVs that aim to keep things thin while enhancing contrast and image quality. But how does it work? Watch the clip below to hear LG's Chris Raynor explain it--and take a look at the set for yourself.

In Video: LG's NanoLED TVs Explained

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