D-Link Media Player Offers Yahoo TV to Older DTVs

Yahoo Connected TV brings a range of Internet content and services to most TVs with network connections, but what if your HDTV (like my 2007 plasma model) predates the connected set era? D-Link at CES announced plans for a media player that will bring Yahoo's TV services to sets that don't have it built in.

The D-Link device will add to the company's growing portfolio of set-top boxes, which already includes the Boxee Box and will be augmented later this year with a device called the MainStage that supports Intel's WiDi technology for fast streaming of notebook video content to HDTVs.

D-Link says its Yahoo Connected TV player will support Yahoo's new interactive services (read: pop-up content), which were also announced at CES. The device is slated to ship by mid-year and will cost less than $200, D-Link says.

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