Print One Picture in Multiple Sizes

Ann asked the Windows forum how to print multiple copies of the same photo, in various sizes, on a single sheet of paper.

You can do this easily and with maximum flexibility, using just about any program that allows you to design and print a page. That includes Microsoft Word.

To do this in Word, create a new document, then drag the photo onto the page. Next, you want to make the image float so you can drag it to anywhere on the page. In Word 2007 or 2010, right-click the photo and select Text Wrapping (Wrap Text in Word 2010), then Square. In Word 2003, right-click the picture and select Format Picture. Click the Layout tab, then Square.

With the picture still selected, press CTRL-c to copy it to the clipboard, then CTRL-v to paste it. Press CTRL-v as many times as you want copies.

Now you can drag each of those copies around the page. Drag the corners of the pictures to resize them (use only the corners; try this with the edges and you'll distort the photo). You can use the little green circle above the selected picture to rotate it.

My thanks for compnovo's contribution to the original forum discussion.

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