App Guidelines and Ping

This week, Macworld held its onsite off-site--an all-too-rare gathering of the entire Macworld staff. (Many of us work remotely.) In this week's episode of the podcast, we take advantage of the situation by packing five of us into the PodCave to discuss the changes to Apple's app developer guidelines, as well as shake our heads in bewilderment at iTunes's social networking component, Ping.

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Show Notes

We open the episode with a discussion of how Apple has changed guidelines for developers of iOS apps. You can learn more about it in Marco Tabini's story on Apple releasing App Store guidelines as well as read Apple's press release on the subject. If you're a registered developer (and thus under a non-disclosure agreement), you can read the complete guidelines. We then turn our collective scratched heads to iTunes's Ping. Kirk McElhearn's Hands On: iTunes 10's Ping Feature provides a solid overview of the feature. I also stuck my oar in with Re-imaging Ping, a look at where Ping falls down and how it might be improved.

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