Six-legged Mantis Walking Machine will slowly lumber into your nightmares

Micromagic Systems

Though I doubt the folks behind the Guinness Book of World Records have yet to catalog the world's larges hexapod robots, it's probably safe to say that the Mantis from Micromagic Systems might be one of the biggest all-terrain operational hexapod robots out there.

Seriously, the Mantis Walking Machine is almost ridiculously big. It's a little more 9 feet tall and weighs in at roughly 4200 pounds. The Mantis has a working envelope (basically, the space it encompasses) of 16 feet, and there's enough space in its cockpit to accommodate a full-grown, adult pilot. Of course, as is often the case with things these days, you can also control the Mantis Walking Machine—which runs on a 50-horsepower turbo diesel engine—via Wi-Fi.

The only downside to the Mantis is the fact that it is really, really slow. Like about half-a-mile-per-hour slow. I'm inclined to think that this may be a good thing because I don't really need something like the Mantis lunging at me during the inevitable machine-driven apocalypse.

Oh, and have we mentioned it can delicately push trailers around? Because it can.

Currently, the Mantis is available for private hire, custom commissions, events, and sponsorships.

[The Mantis Walking Robot via io9]

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