AirPlug combines LTE, Wi-Fi to offer super speeds

BARCELONA—The AirPlug app from Korea Telecom solves a common problem among wireless users in a very simple way. It lets wireless users combine their LTE and Wi-Fi signals to create a single, really fast, connection.

In Korea, and increasingly in the US, we are within the reach of both a cellular network and a Wi-Fi network most of the time as we go through the day. But without an app like AirPlug, we in the US must choose between Wi-Fi and cellular; we have no way of combining the two into one big fat pipe of bandwidth.

People who want to play multi-player online games, which demand a lot of throughput, would welcome an app like AirPlug. The app running on a tablet would be extra cool, because watching high-definition video is one of the main things we want to do on our tablets.

We can only hope that US carriers and assorted mobile app stores will let us have such an option in the future. It would really help as new LTE networks begin to get loaded down with more and more users over the next few years.

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