Meet the Floppy Drive With Legs

We all know that floppy drives are pretty much dead technology at this point, but that didn't stop design duo Chambers Judd from devising this clever concept. Floppy Legs is a concept-design external floppy drive with legs that extend when it comes in contact with water.

The idea behind Floppy Legs is to design a product with self-preservation in mind. Chambers Judd describes Floppy Legs as "part of the Attenborough Design Group, a fictional organisation charged with investigating the use of behaviours found in nature to defend products from threats in their everyday environment."

Whether or not we'll actually ever see such a product remains to be seen--most "ruggedized" gear is designed to take whatever life dishes out (flamethrowers included), not to get out of the way--it's an interesting concept nonetheless. Though I can't help but wonder, if such gadgets were to become self-aware, would they run away from abusive gadget owners?

Just a thought.

[Chambers Judd via Wired Gadget Lab]

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