Original Mac Software Source Code Now Available for Download

Fire up your Pascal compilers! The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California has the source code of two software components from the original Macintosh available for your download and study with Apple's blessing.

MacPaint and QuickDraw shipped with the original Macintosh in 1984. MacPaint is a bitmap painting app that came bundled on the original Mac, and QuickDraw is the graphics library--the piece of the operating system that handles onscreen graphics such as windows and icons--that powered the original Mac OS.

The MacPaint source code download is roughly 68KB, and the QuickDraw source code weighs in at a hefty 180.4KB (i.e. smaller than some Word files!).

Curious? Check out the Computer History Museum's Website for the source code downloads. Not a programmer? Be sure to read the history behind the software, and some amusing anecdotes.

[Computer History Museum via Daring Fireball]

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