iPhone 4: Why We’ve Reconsidered Its Rating

At a Glance

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At a Glance

The iPhone 4 is a major upgrade from its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS, in everything from the camera quality to data speeds.

Price when rated: $199 (with two-year contract); varies for other levels of AT&T contract commitment


  • Beautifully designed hardware and software
  • Gorgeous high-resolution screen
  • Fast A4 processor with lots of RAM
  • Excellent still and video camera
  • Easy-to-use FaceTime videoconferencing
  • 5-megapixel camera takes great stills and good HD video
  • Longer battery life than previous iPhones
  • Support for iOS 4 features, including multitasking


  • New antenna is a major design fail
  • Hand placement can disrupt cellular signals
  • Glass front and back could prove overly fragile
  • Not able to play back HD video to external display

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