Bird photo booth may be the next best thing for iPhone-wielding bird watchers

Bryson Lovett

I've never really been into bird-watching, but if you who feel passionately about the hobby, here's something you may want to consider investing in. The Bird Photo Booth is a bird feeder for the Instagram generation: It's a hand-crafted, hardwood, contraption that's designed to work with the iPhone, iPod touch, and GoPro that can send videos of visiting avians to wherever you wish them to go.

How does it work, exactly? According to HomeChunk, you'll apparently have to first put your smartphone into the the birdie photo booth (it has a protective foam lining to keep your phone safe). After that, it's matter of kicking back in a comfortable chair and enjoying the live feed relayed via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Bryson Lovett

Yes, it's that simple—if it all works as advertised, of course, and provided you're OK with leaving your phone in a birdhouse-shaped box. the Bird Photo Booth will also come with a macro lens that will help make full use of your iPhone's built-in face detection technology, according to its creator.

While I personally can't testify to how well the iPhone's aptitude for facial feature detection works in concurrence with feathered fauna, it definitely sounds like a…well…sound idea. Right now, the people responsible for the Bird Photo Booth are looking for funding on Kickstarter in order to make it a reality.

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