Home Tech: Award-Winning Digital Sink and Bath Saves Water and Time

Photo: Red Dot
"Digital" and "touchscreen" aren’t the first words that come to mind when thinking of sinks and bathtubs, you say? Two of the latest designs to win the Red Dot Bathroom Design Award bring tech to where the water is.

The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design prize that is annually awarded in Essen, Germany. The award is split into three design types: product design, communication design and design concept. Each type has its own category ranging from architecture, fashion, garden and of course bathroom.

Sunrise Electronic Basin Faucet. Photo: Red Dot
One of the winners in the bathroom category is the Sunrise Electronic Basin Faucet from Xiamen Renshui of China. The faucet uses electronic controls to let the user to determine the exact temperature and amount of water dispensed. The touchscreen has 4 buttons for adjusting the water flow and temperature. Its sleek black and stainless steel design looks pretty nifty too.

Winner of the Best of the Best 2010 award in the bathroom category is the Digitecture Digital Bath created by Grohe AG out of Germany. The bath has dual faucets and a shower head, and lets you stop the water flow with the touch of a button--it maintains the water temperature for when you are ready to resume. The bath shares the ability of Renshui’s sink of being able memorize a combination of water pressure and instantly dispense that setting for future use, which not only saves water, but also cuts down on standing-around-in-towel time.

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