Review: Sony Pulse Wireless Headset delivers satisfying audio for a very reasonable price

Finding a great gaming headset is always a little intimidating. If you’re like me, you really just want a pair of comfortable, great-sounding cans that you can wear on the couch without looking ridiculous. Wireless headsets with good connectivity are a bonus because you don’t have to worry about tangling up extra wires. Of course, Playstation 3 owners have the advantage of being able to pair almost any Bluetooth headset with Sony’s home gaming console, but the sound quality and comfort of most Bluetooth earpieces leave something to be desired; plus, you run the risk of looking like a crazy person talking to yourself on the couch.

Enter the Pulse Wireless Headset: Elite Edition, a $150 wireless headset from Sony that feels comfortable, sounds great, and makes it clear to onlookers that you’re engaged in some sort of digital entertainment but does so without ostentatious logos or flashy design. The Pulse sports the same oversized earpieces and virtual 7.1 surround-sound technology as the official PS3 wireless headset, while adding some fresh features and eliminating the old boom mic in favor of hidden mics nestled i TechHive | Server Error

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