Safari 5 Rumored to Make an Appearance at WWDC

The next-gen iPhone may be getting all the WWDC buzz, but some other Apple products could get a refresh during Monday's keynote. According to French blog MacGeneration (French), the next Safari may be announced this Monday by Apple at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 (WWDC), and could be loaded with features.

According to the rumor, the new Safari 5 will include improvements such as a "smarter" address field, hardware acceleration of Web page elements for the Windows version, improved history searching, a new private browsing icon, and a plethora of other improved features. Safari 5 is rumored to have multiple new features including: Safari Reader (which sounds like a new version of Safari's built-in RSS reader), improved performance, better page caching, faster DNS prefetching (which should improve page loading times), a Bing search option, improved HTML5 support, and more developer tools.

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Drop Kitchen Scale makes baking a piece of cake

Jan 27, 2015 2:45 AM

The Drop scale connects to your iPad to walk you through baking recipes step by step. No more measuring cups!


Drop Kitchen Scale makes baking a piece of cake

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