Amplifier-PC Hybrid Looks Perfect for Geeks Ready to Rock

It's about time! British Guitar Amp maker Orange Music is developing the O PC, a unique amplifier-PC hybrid that aims to make beautiful music with both music and computer geeks alike.

Premier Guitar caught a preview of the rockin' combo amp at the 2010 Musikmesse show in Germany. The signature orange-colored cabinet sports typical PC hardware under the hood: USB ports, Wi-Fi, and room for a dedicated graphics card with 512MB ATI Radeon 5670 included in the package. Info on the CPU, however, hasn't been released.

But if that were all the O PC had to offer, it wouldn't be much more than a case mod. Orange included a 1/4-inch audio jack that plugs directly into the motherboard. Not only does this make it possible to play music through the integrated Jensen speaker, but the symbiotic relationship between audio and CPU should result in a latency rating as low as 1 millisecond, according to the spokesperson. That speed will be integral to the amp modeling software suite included with the O PC.

Premier Guitar has yet to announce pricing details, but the O PC could be fairly expensive since it will supposedly include a full version of bundled audio production software. For anxious geeks ready to rock, the O PC will release in 2-4 months. Waiting is most definitely the hardest part.

[Premier Guitar via Engadget]

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