The Apple iPad: Will it Blend?

he Apple iPad is already being hailed for its potential to revolutionize multiple industries. For professionals, the iPad has a niche in a lot of professions; and for consumers, it threatens to make extinct dedicated e-readers and other limited-purpose mobile devices.

These pundits are overlooking the iPad's more utilitarian functions, though, as Apple has made their tablet computer into something that belongs in every household's kitchen. For example, Steven Colbert points out that it can be used to make delicious salsa. Or if you bought your iPad whole to save money on its finer form, you can also see if it will blend:

Fear not for this iPad, as its usefulness is not at an end. When Tom Dickson blended an original iPhone the day of its 2007 release, the fragmented remains sold on eBay for $901, several times its unblended cost. What one lucky bidder did with the cellular dust, I don't know — but I imagine the value of an iPad to be even greater!

How will you be using your iPad around the house?

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