Show in the Apps: First iPad Apps Appear in the App Store

The Apple iPad itself doesn't hit the market until Saturday, but numerous iPad apps are now available for purchase on the iTunes App Store. As first reported by Gizmodo, an App Store search for "iPad" (iTunes link) yields a few hundred apps written specifically for the iPad.

The apps currently available range from Apple's iWork apps for iPad (iTunes link to Pages for iPad) to Twitter clients (iTunes link) to games (iTunes link), and just about everything in between. A cursory glance over the listing indicates that the apps are a little more expensive than your typical iPhone app, but not by much. Many of the apps are free, and most are $10 or less.

A handful are more expensive, however: MLB At Bat for iPad (iTunes link), for example, is priced at $15, and Things for iPad (iTunes link)--a task organizer app--runs for $20.

Generally speaking, though, I found the prices to be a good medium between the relatively low cost of iPhone apps and the higher cost of traditional desktop PC apps.

One thing to note: You'll have to install iTunes 9.1 to actually download and iPad apps. I tried to download an app using iTunes 9.0.3, only to get an alert telling me that I needed to upgrade iTunes.

The iPad will go on sale this Saturday at 9 AM. You'll be able to pick one up at any Apple Store as well as select other retailers. And follow along with PCWorld's ongoing iPad coverage.

[Gizmodo via MacRumors]

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