Photo Contest: Hot Pics for March

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

3/2/10 Hot Pic: "Iguana," by Kenneth C. Schneider, Miramar, Florida

Kenneth writes: "This is a small Green Iguana that was eating a cocoplum fruit next to the deck of a beach cafe in Fort Lauderdale. I used a Canon EOS 30D with a 300mm lens and a 1.4x extender, for a total focal length of 420mm. The iguana was only 6 feet away, so I shot it in macro mode."

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3/9/10 Hot Pic: "First Time in the Sand," by David Miller, Bend, Oregon

David says he captured this in Portugal with a Benq DC C1060 to record his granddaughter's first time on the beach.

3/16/10 Hot Pic: "Lots of Red," by Susan Feulner, Bloomington, Minnesota

Susan took this still life using natural light from a nearby window, with a Nikon D80.

3/23/10 Hot Pic: "Light and Dark," by Sondra S. Ettlinger, University Park, Florida

Sondra writes: "While visiting a museum in Athens, Greece I captured this image with my Canon 20D. I had to wait several minutes until people stopped walking back and forth, and then only had to crop one other person out of the original to create the shot. Patience paid off!"

3/30/10 Hot Pic: "Nature's Keyboard," by Carla O'Millian, Alpharetta, Georgia

Carla says: "I took this between Salida and Durango, Colorado during a ski vacation. I left the car to take pictures of snow in the brush along the side of the road, but I found this shot to be much more interesting."

3/2/10 Runner-Up: "Mallard Flight" by Edward McFadden, Warrenton, Oregon

Edward says that he shot these geese while walking on a frozen lake, using a Nikon D50.

3/9/10 Runner-Up: "Barnegat" by Timothy J. Hardiman, Massapequa, New York

Timothy writes: "I took this photo of my daughter, Kathie, walking down the steps of Barnegat Lighthouse in New Jersey. I used my Nikon D80."

3/16/10 Runner-Up: "Glowing Teeth" by Lisa Cohen, Delray Beach, Florida

Lisa writes: "I took this picture of my stepdaughter on New Year's Eve. She put in the glowing teeth and her grandmother moved around the scene. I took the picture with a slow shutter speed just as she moved." Lisa used a Canon EOS Rebel T1i.

3/23/10 Runner-Up: "Coronet" by Myka Peterson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Myka writes: "I took this shot of my boyfriend's cornet while we were taking a break during brass band rehearsal. I used my Canon Powershot S90 set to a large aperture and macro mode in order to focus in on the first valve."

3/30/10 Runner-Up: "Dawn Tram Inspection," by Stewart Silvestri, Brookline, Massachusetts

Stewart says that he captured this scene at Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire with a Canon SX1 IS "and a lot of nerve to get this photo 200 feet above the ground."