Five Cool, Cutting-Edge Home Entertainment Gadgets

Who needs 3D TV? These products will bring your home entertainment system into the future -- no silly glasses required.

Can't find your remote control? No problem.

The ReTM from New Kinetix can turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control. Simply snap on the IR attachment, download the software, and you can control your home theater with probably the best illuminated remote you'll ever see. Essentially, this application turns your iPhone/iPod into a learning remote. You hold your antiquated remote face to face with the dongle and the software will copy the infrared signals needed to operate your television, sound system, etc.

Price: Not yet set

RGB and...Y? QuadPixel technology is here!

The combination of the colors red, green and blue produces the millions of colors that you see on your LCD television (or computer monitor). Even the most beautiful of modern televisions are limited to these mere millions of colors your screen can produce. No longer. Sharp is introducing it's new QuadPixel LCD TV which adds in a yellow filter to produce more than a trillion colors.

Price: $3,600

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Out of the box thinking

The Armour Group has developed a marvelous little radio called the Q2 Cube that tunes in to your favorite internet radio stations. Change the station by physically flipping the box onto one of it's four sides. Volume control? Tilt the box backwards or forwards.

Price: Not yet set

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6 in 1 television

So the other day I was talking to a friend who is a huge sports fan. This product is for him. Samsung has developed the first multi-screen 60-inch HD monitor. Six separate screens that can work in concert or individually. Just think of the possibilities...!

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