New Pentax Cameras Look Really, Really Good

Pentax Optio I-10 point-and-shoot camera
Pentax was quiet at CES this year, but that silence just ended with a bang.

Today, the company announced three additions to its Optio point-and-shoot camera line, two of which offer the best-looking designs I've seen for a compact camera.

Pentax Optio I-10 point-and-shoot camera

The 12-megapixel Optio I-10 ($300, due in February) sports a fashionable, old-school look akin to an SLR that has been blasted with a shrink ray, right down to its faux-leather front.

Its 5X-optical-zoom lens reaches from 28mm to 140mm, bolstered by both sensor-shifting and digital image stabilization. It also records 720p HD video at 30 frames per second, offers a 2.7-inch LCD screen, and can handle Eye-Fi cards. Ye olde Optio I-10 will be available in black and white.

Clear on the other side of the design spectrum--but still looking damn good--is the 12-megapixel Optio H90 ($180, due in February).

Pentax Optio H90 point-and-shoot camera

Its boxier, two-tone, Mondrian-inspired body comes in three color combinations: orange and silver, silver and white, or silver and black.

It has a lot of the same specs as the Optio I-10--including a 5X-optical-zoom lens (28mm to 140mm), a 2.7-inch LCD, 720p video capture at 30 fps, and Eye-Fi compatibility--but it offers digital image stabilization instead of the I-10's dual-stabilized system. Another difference is the zoom control, which is a thumb-operated bar on the back rather than a zoom ring.

The third new Pentax camera doesn't have the same design flair, but its price is a head-turner.

Pentax Optio E90 point-and-shoot camera

The Optio E90 is just $100, and for that bargain-bin price it provides a 10-megapixel sensor, a 3X-optical-zoom lens (31.5mm to 94.5mm), standard-definition movie capture (640 by 480), AA-battery compatibility, and digital image stabilization. The Optio E90 is slated for a February release in black and (red) wine.

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