Last Minute Predictions For Wednesday’s Apple Event

Hours from now, Apple's music event will be underway, and I'll be sitting in the audience providing liveblog coverage right here. The big news won't quite have come yet, but by noon we'll know all. For now, though, it's still predictin' time-and here are some from you guys.

Yesterday night, I posted a quick survey about the event, asking you to pick which items would happen from a list covering some things that have been rumored or predicted, or which just sound logical. If we define a prediction as something which more than fifty percent of the folks who took the survey think will occur, only three made the grade: You think we'll see an iPod Touch with a camera, that Steve Jobs will make an appearance, and that there will be a new version of iTunes with social networking features. It now looks like the Beatles won't show up on iTunes tomorrow; you made an almost-prediction that they would, with exactly fifty percent of respondents predicting their arrival.

Here's everything you voted on. (I should have also asked about Apple's reported "Cocktail" format for digital albums, but didn't).

I also asked whether Apple will discontinue the iPod Classic tomorrow. You predicted it would, in a squeaker: 51 percent versus 49 percent.

Thanks for voting, everyone; I'll check back in tomorrow with a final tally of how we did...

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