Watch How-To Videos at Howcast

Howcast's professionally produced videos show you how to do all kinds of tasks.
Need to learn how to jump-start a car? Mow your lawn like a pro? Uninstall a program in Windows? Head to Howcast. The site offers a treasure trove of how-to videos, all free for the viewing.

Indeed, Howcast is like a cross between WikiHow (a text-oriented how-to encyclopedia) and YouTube. Just search for a topic of interest or browse by category, then click a video to start watching.

What distinguishes Howcast from some other how-to sites is that it features professionally produced content. Most videos have a breezy, often comical style, and rely on actors rather than everyday Joes.

They also provide accompanying step-by-step instructions, a nice touch for those who like to read while they watch (and/or print out hardcopy for later reference).

Users can leave comments, suggest topics, and even author their own Wiki-style guides, which Howcast may elect to turn into new videos.

I particularly like Howcast's eponymous iPhone app [iTunes link], which lets you watch videos anytime, anywhere. (And let's face it: Learning how to jump-start a car is easier when you're standing by your car, not sitting at your PC.)

Note to parents: Howcast has an entire category devoted to Sex & Relationships, and some videos (and their titles) are decidedly PG-13.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to learn How to Outwit Carnies before heading out to the State Fair.

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